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Poster: garthus Date: Aug 27, 2009 10:32pm
Forum: texts Subject: Adobe Bloat-ware is a danger to your computer!

Adobe Bloat-ware is a danger to your computer!

I note that the Archive are recommending people download Adobe Acrobat reader. Not only is it unnecessary to use acrobat reader, but it is an invasive piece of software which installs spy-ware and all sorts of crap to your registry. There are other alternatives out there including Irfanview and Foxit reader, both of which perform significantly better than Adobe reader and do not do bad things to your computer. The instructions in the FAQs should be changed to reflect that and any one who has never used Irfanview or Foxit reader should download them immediately for testing. They both are Open Source and free.

Check out:

People with technical skills should know better than to recommend such a bloated and invasive piece of software like Adobe Acrobat. Check out your registry after you load this crap and see what I mean. It is just a plain bad piece of software compared to what is out there now.